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A sure fire way to increase your Fans and Followers is to give free stuff away. If it’s free take two, that’s what we say. You could just give stuff away. That would be extremely nice of you. But why not get a little something in return? We’re talking about a marketer’s dream: information. Yak! Tracker is designed to help your financial institution conduct contests and sweepstakes, operate within the rules of the major social media platforms, and gather priceless information about your Fans/Followers.

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  • “I can honestly say it would be difficult to navigate the changing environment without the help of partners like chatteryak.”

    Collin Long | Marketing Specialist - Sioux Empire FCU
  • “Not only was Yak! Tracker extremely user friendly, it was also very effective. We gained almost 200 fans in just one month and several leads on new members. The staff at Chatter Yak! was always available to answer questions and to guide us to the best possible promotion.”

    Sarah Ritenour | Marketing Coordinator - Glass City FCU
  • “We would like to thank Chatter Yak for offering such an easy-to-use application at a price most credit unions can afford. We are excited to share that Directions Credit Union just renewed Yak! Tracker for a second year!”

    Brenda Covrett | VP of Growth & Development - Directions CU
  • “Chatter Yak has turned BACU into Social Media “Studs.” Traditional Marketing is out, and we’ve never been closer to Gen Y than we are today!! Thank Chatter Yak #CUPartersforlife #ThatWasEasy”

    Don Emmer | Business Development Leader - Best Advantage Credit Union
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